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Transforming our world: A shared vision for humanity

Our purpose is to create meaningful connections in a digital world–with yourself, with other beings, and with nature. We serve the actualization of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. We believe that in order to transform the world, we all need to perform a radical shift in consciousness: How we show up in the world, and how we make sure that we contribute to our collective purpose. It’s crunch time! Therefore, we pledge for an SDG Zero Consciousness.


Conscious Leadership

To not stumble in a VUCA world, we need to reinvigorate our whole-brain thinking, and become more whole ourselves in order to get the full picture. Sounds a bit woo-woo to you? Actually, according to Harvard professor Bill George it’s the most reasonable thing you can do! In our 12-weeks Conscious Leadership Online Journey, we train you to reconnect with your inner guide and to take a new perspective on many things.

Conscious Leadership Framework RISE


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Conscious Leadership

Join our unique 12-weeks online journey! Become more conscious and impactful in your life and as a leader.

Start German batch: 21/01/2021; English batch: 15/04/2021

Purpose Coaching & Workshops

Purpose and Intuition workshops, retreats and coaching. For individuals and groups. Business and private clients.

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Unity Consciousness
Growth Mindset


What our happy clients say

Die Conscious Leadership Journey war eine großartige und bereichernde Erfahrung für mich. Ein toller Austausch mit like-minded Spirits – motivierend und professionell angeleitet mit spannenden Inputs und wertvollen Übungen um den persönlichen Ansatz weiterzuentwickeln. 

Ina, Managing Director und Co-Founder Circular Fashion

Manche Menschen wandern den ganzen Jakobsweg, um (wieder) zu sich zu finden. Ich bin auf eine Conscious Leadership Journey mit Irina gegangen. Dabei hatte ich nicht erwartet, so viel Klarheit für mich zu gewinnen. Und das in so kurzer Zeit! Mit Irinas erfrischendem Wesen, ihrem punktgenauen Gespür für die richtigen Impulse und ihrem großen Kompetenzschatz hat sie es geschafft, ein Leuchtfeuer zu entzünden. Und dies mit einer Leichtigkeit und Freude, die begeistert und motiviert.   Die vermittelten Instrumente und Techniken konnten direkt innerhalb der Gruppenübungen praktisch vertieft werden. Und die Umsetzung und Etablierung im regulären Alltag gelingt hervorragend und schafft täglich wertvolle, positive Impulse.    Dank Irina und dem vermittelten Wissen um das „Why“ wurde mein eigener Kompass nachhaltig neu ausgerichtet.

Friedo, Unternehmensberater

Powerful Visualization: The stakeholder analysis that Irina uses in her Purpose Discovery is a powerful tool — and she guided me through the process with great professionalism, empathy and ease. I tend to think I don't need visualizations, that I can grasp complex concepts just through words, but at the end of this exercise, seeing — visually — how my values line up and how they in fact are all connected to the most important relationships in my private and working life was truly insightful and impactful.

Liz, CEO Language Boutique

In our fast-moving world, with our professional and private lives becoming more and more intermingled, clarity about your own purpose is a fundamental driving force and, at the same time, a source for balance and success. To know my purpose has helped me focus, select and decide why, what, how and with whom I want to work with. Furthermore, it keeps me motivated, along with my partners and colleagues. I warmly and absolutely recommend the Purpose Discovery to anyone in search of more clarity about which goals to pursue. Irina, with her sympathetic nature and high competence, manages to guide you through this inspiring process in search for your unique purpose.

Patrick, Head of Center for Advanced Sustainable Management

Wonderful Coaching Retreat! Dear Irina, thank you very much for the wonderful coaching retreat. Everything was just right. The place, the atmosphere, your professional work in combination with your loving appreciation. The coaching helped me uncover my "stuck-state"; to clarify why, despite all efforts, I did not get ahead and could not make any clear decisions. With the clarity that I gained from your coaching, I feel very relieved and look forward living into my vision!

Verena, Ministry of the Environment in North Rhine-Westphalia

Es war eine Reise, die nachhaltig Wirkung zeigt. Die kompetente, offene und wertschätzende Art von Irina hat nicht nur dazu geführt, dass es einfach Spaß gemacht hat, sich mit dem Thema Conscious Leadership zu beschäftigen, sondern auch, dass ein sehr vertrauensvoller und empathischer Austausch der Teilnehmer untereinander entstehen konnte. Gerade durch die verschiedenen Reflexionsübungen der Teilnehmer im Austausch miteinander konnte die Theorie direkt praktisch geübt werden. So entwickelten sich immer wieder neue Impulse, die man direkt in seinem Alltag ausprobieren und anwenden kann. Und dadurch entstehen neue Schritte.

Christina, Leiterin Marketing und Kommunikation

Powerful Purpose Coaching: Irina has the unique ability get to the essence very quickly. In only one session she helped me distill and reflect upon my core themes and talents, and, together, we came up with a pointed purpose statement that has helped me thrive both in my career and personal life ever since. She combines personal depth and an analytical mind with joy and ease what makes it really pleasant and effective to work with her.

Katharina, Director Accenture Sustainability Strategy


Hi, I'm Irina

Irina Naithani Empowering Conscious Leadership

I’m the founder of WERISE. After a decade in sustainability strategy consulting, I decided to fully commit to my own purpose: Contribute to shift and uplift consciousness of individuals and collectives to address the existential challenges of our time. I combine my extensive business experience and solution orientation with my in-depth training as a graduated Psychologist, Master Coach (DBCA) and Theory U practitioner.


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