Rise With Purpose: 7 Steps How to Find Your Purpose & Vision in Life

How to find purpose in life

You feel like there is more to life and your current career? You want to help shape a new kind of leadership style and make a difference in the life of others as well? By embarking on your purpose journey, you gain clarity about your life’s signature themes, core values and greatest talents. We will activate your inner guidance to not only consult your mind, but to also gain intuitive insightsyour so called gut feelingabout what you want to create in your life. Together, we will craft an hands-on roadmap how you start living and leading with purpose. This is how I  work with my clients:



Step #1: Set your intention

First, we schedule a briefing call to get to know each other and arrange the upcoming three live coaching sessions. After our call, you will get a first reflection exercise to prepare yourself for the first coaching session „DISCOVER“. You will set a clear intention on what you want to achieve through this quest. Plus, you will receive a code to access and run your Clifton Strengths Assessment, a powerful tool designed by GALLUP that will help you gain more clarity about your major talents and strengths.



Step #2: Deconstruct your life line and stories

The purpose of this session is to deconstruct your life line and stories. You will be surprised to find out about the patterns that determine pretty much of how you walk through life! Together, we carve out your signature themes. These have to do with your core values and beliefs, major talents and strengths, and, very simply, what you love.



Step #3: Reflect

Between coaching session 1 and 2, you will get a series of journaling questions that will help you craft and find the right words for your purpose statement. Make space inside yourself: What do you need to let go of if in order to advance on your journey? Happy decluttering!



Step #4: Connect

The purpose of this session is to connect with your deeper levels of knowing, your intuition, and activate your inner guidance. I will guide you through a 7-step life visioning process that will help you come up with intuitive answers to  the purpose and higher vision you want to start living into.



Step #5: Crystallize

For the time between coaching session 2 and 3, I provide you with empowering questions to sense into your emerging True North. Get more clarity of what you want to create in your lifetime, your vision of life that is rooted in your sense of purpose.



Step #6: Embody

In this session we will roll up our sleeves and, together, we create a concrete roadmap for you to start living and leading with purpose. In very practical terms and, among other tools, we will work with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and define your „How“ and „What“.


Step #7: Sustain

When we decide to live from purpose, very often, we need to also change our own sense of identity in order to become the next greater version of ourself. In our follow-up call, we check in again to see how you are doing and whether you need help in sustainably shifting your inner power-play. Or, more hands-on, how to maximise the impact of your purpose projects. Anyhow, I’m already looking forward to hear back from you.


Keep rising—and let your light shine bright!


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Hi, I'm Irina Naithani, a founder, an organizational psychologist, a master coach, a former sustainability strategy director, and an unwavering optimist. I founded Werise to bring more consciousness to the core of everything you do in business and in life. By enhancing our mindset and increasing our awareness, we gain access to more brilliant opportunities and leverage our full creative potential as human beings. I believe that by uplifting our consciousness, we naturally transform the world around us—and start co-creating a brighter and more regenerative future for all.