Creative Field Mapping with Maptio

Creative Field Mapping with Maptio


In this session, Tom Nixon, author of Work with Source, advisor, coach and founder of Maptio, walks you through the steps of mapping your creative field in Maptio.


Maptio is a simple online tool for purpose-driven founders and organisations that are fast-changing and have a preference for self-organisation vs. traditional silos and hierarchies. It helps you visualise how a vision for an initiative breaks down into the smaller pats that contribute to it.


What I love most about Maptio is that it keeps you and your organisation connected with its creative source.


In this session, you

🌟 Learn how visualise a source- and purpose-driven organisation

🌟 Get introduced to the online tool Maptio

🌟 Create org charts of the new time in the form of organically flowing, nested circles

🌟 Understand how you as a founder and as an organisation can stay connected with your creative source while getting started and becoming more mature.


Enjoy the recording of this session from December 13, 2022, and drop us a 🧡

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