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Intuition: Unlock your Inner Wisdom

Do you feel stuck in your mind time and again? Do you long for clarity about a certain area in your life? Do you want to boost your connection with your inner wisdom?

In our February Live Workshop Julia, Founder of the Center for Greater Good Leadership, will help you tap into your own intuition.

Julia’s biography is quite remarkable: For many years, she used to work in several peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and lived in places like Kosovo and Afghanistan. One day at the United Nations HQ building in New York, she realized that even though she lived the dream of so many, she felt desperate and knew she wanted to contribute to change on a much deeper level. She became Head of Leadership & Organizational Development at a multinational corporation and spearheaded a pioneering program on Sustainable Leadership. In 2020, she founded the Centre for Greater Good Leadership, and is now fully in alignment with herself, dedicated to empowering leaders to become agents for the Greater Good.

This session is for you if you’d
🌟 Love to learn more about intuition
🌟 Connect with your deeper knowing and get new insights
🌟 Want to learn more about the power of transformational presence
🌟 Unlock your inner wisdom to accomplish your mission in life


We believe that your intuition guides you to unfolding your life’s purpose and to growing in the most unexpected ways, simply by following and surrendering to the flow of life.


Keep rising ✨



Meine Vision ist es, Menschen in starke Verbindung mit sich selbst, mit anderen und mit der Welt zu bringen, so dass wir zusammen eine neue Zukunft erschaffen, in der wir einen nachhaltigen Lebensstil innerhalb der planetaren Grenzen leben. Ich bin Gründerin von Werise, der Agentur, die sich für kollektives Wachstum und Transformation einsetzt, und Host des monatlichen WeriseTribes, ein offener und virtueller Transformation Space.