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Welcome to this beautiful WeriseLive session about how to tap into your intuition. Our special guest Julia Juergens, leadership coach and founder of the Center for Greater Good Leadership, shares four powerful practices that help you get more in sync with your inner knowing. Julia is an expert for transformational presence, trained by Alan Seale, and in her work she helps bringing out people’s intuition through coaching.

Serving the Greater Good

Julia’s biography is quite remarkable: For many years, she used to work in several peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and lived in places like Kosovo and Afghanistan. One day at the United Nations HQ building in New York, she realized that even though she lived the dream of so many, she felt desperate and knew she wanted to contribute to change on a much deeper level. She turned into the private sector and became Head of Leadership & Organizational Development at a multinational corporation where she spearheaded a pioneering program on Sustainable Leadership. In 2020, she founded the Center for Greater Good Leadership, and is now fully in alignment with herself, dedicated to empowering leaders to become stronger agents for the Greater Good.

Together, we believe that intuition guides you to unfolding your life’s purpose and to growing in the most unexpected ways, simply by following and surrendering to the flow of life.


Intuition is the language of your soul

…your connection with source – or what you might call field of potential, the Divine, or just the spiritual realm. It’s the vision or inspiration that keeps calling you to change your life even if you have no clue about the “how”.

Intuition is the language of your soul

What to expect

In this video, you’ll

🌟 Learn the difference between intellect vs. intuition, and gut feeling vs. intuition

🌟 Get to know THREE QUESTIONS to tap into your inner knowing 👉 minute 12:00, duration ~ 3:30 minutes

🌟 Understand which role the vertical and horizontal orientation play in your life

🌟 Be guided through a beautiful FIND PRESENCE meditation 👉 minute 21:18, duration: ~ 5 minutes

🌟 Explore the practice of listening to your THREE INTELLIGENCES 👉 minute 35:36, duration: ~ 7 minutes

🌟 Let your intuition talk to you through your body: THE BODY KNOWS practice 👉 minute 49:50, duration: ~ 12 minutes


“Intuition doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; it tells you what you need to hear.” Sonia Choquette

What is your soul inviting you to let go, and what to fully embrace right now?

We would love to hear from you! How does your intuition speak to you? Please let us know in the comments, enjoy the video & drop us a 🧡


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