7 days, more than 21 questions

Empower Yourself with Purpose

Journaling is a great way to connect with your inner world. It brings clarity and focus to the day. Julia Cameron, bestselling author of „The Artist’s Way“, recommends to write three pages of paper every morning, a free flow of your own stream of consciousness and thoughts.
The guided journaling approach provides questions that help you become more aware about yourself. If you want more clarity about your personal purpose and what it is that you want to create in your life, the following questions are a wonderful start on this exciting path of self-inquiry, personal growth and unfoldment.
Take at least 15 minutes each day, for the course of one week, to answer the following questions. Be sure to write down all your answers, e.g. in your journal. Be spontaneous and intuitive, follow your feelings and impulses. In a second step, you can think about your answers and reflect them togehter with a friend or your coach.


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