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Work with Source mit Maptio Founder Tom Nixon

Exciting news! 🎉 On October 5th, 7-8.30 pm, author of Work with Source, advisor and founder of Maptio Tom Nixon will join us in our free monthly session! đŸ€©
Tom will talk about Work with Source, a book that totally blew my mind and that is spot on for everyone who has received an inspiring vision and wants to create a thriving organization around it. đŸȘđŸŒ—đŸŒŸ
The idea is also highly relevant for everyone working in a purpose-driven endeavor that is -consciously and un-consciously- being shaped and influenced by its founder (the source), with all the inspiration, tension, lack of clarity and missing boundaries this may come with eventually. âšĄïžâœš
In short, Work from Source, a concept originally received by Peter Koenig, is a totally eye-opening approach and provides clear terms for phenomena many of us have sensed for a long time already. ✅
If that wouldn’t be enough, Tom has created a simple yet powerful software that helps visualize how a vision for an initiative breaks down into the smaller pats that contribute to it. ☀
In this introductory session, you’ll

🌟 Understand the central ideas behind Work with Source

🌟 Get to know the four core capacities every Source should be aware of

🌟 Learn how to create org charts of the new time, capturing the essence of your (spiritual) enterprise

🌟 Be introduced to Maptio and how visualize a source-driven organization

🌟 Feel totally inspired by how you as a founder/entire organization can remain connected with your highest potential and a field of creativity while getting started and turning more mature.
Be sure to mark this event in your calendars!

👉 This session will be held in English.

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