Work with Source

Work with Source


In this session, Tom Nixon, author of Work with Source, advisor, coach and founder of Maptio, talks about Work with Source. Work with Source, a concept originally received by Peter Koenig, is an eye opener for everyone who has received an inspiring vision and aims at creating a thriving organization around it. 🪐🌗🌟

Influenced by this approach, Tom has created a simple but powerful software that helps visualize how a vision for an initiative breaks down into the smaller parts that contribute to it.

In this introductory session, you’ll

🌟 Understand the core ideas behind Work With Source

🌟 Get to know the four capacities every Source should be aware of

🌟 Be introduced to Maptio and how visualize a source-driven organization

🌟 Get an idea of how to create org charts of the new time, capturing the essence of your (spiritual) enterprise

🌟 Feel inspired by how you as a founder/entire organization can remain connected with your highest potential and a field of creativity while getting started and turning more mature.

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