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Join our Masterclass on Evolutionary Collectives on June 24, 2023!
Tired of toxic social dynamics that drain your energy? Want to ignite a more vibrant culture in your company, team, community, or home? Are you passionate about contributing to more regenerative businesses and lifestyles?
As a leader, shaper, coach, or facilitator, you’re here to catalyze personal and collective growth. And in this masterclass, you’ll decode the principles you need to shape and facilitate the collectives of the future.
Our Masterclass is the perfect opportunity to dive deep into this powerful practice.

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Ready for a life-changing experience? Join our eco-conscious retreat in Austria from December 14-17, 2023, and immerse yourself in a tranquil environment that will rejuvenate your soul.
Discover the powerful tool of inner peace to manage stress, anxiety, and negative emotions while cultivating mindfulness, self-awareness, and letting go of negativity. Improve your overall well-being, relationships, and purposeful life by finding inner peace.
Book your spot now and take the first step towards a more peaceful and harmonious life!

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 Welcome, Upriser! We’re a tribe dedicated to moving from our minds to our hearts and souls, from personal to collective growth, and from ego to eco-consciousness.
Join our free monthly live workshops and learn the tools to transform your life. Experience transformational insights, connect with inspiring people, and dive deep into your consciousness.
Let’s talk honestly and vibe high together!

Hi, I'm Irina

I’m a founder, organizational psychologist, master coach (DBCA), former sustainability strategy senior manager, and unwavering optimist. My mission is to empower you to transform the world from the inside out, because together, we can create a brighter future for all.
I come to you as an advisor and speaker on collective transformation, coach and facilitator for group processes.
Need inspiration or help? I’m here to help you tackle any challenges related to culture, mindset, and transformation capacity. Get in touch with me today!

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.



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In one of our sessions, author and Maptio founder Tom Nixon introduced the „Work with Source“ approach to our Werise Community.
Learn more about how to realize big ideas and work with creative fields.

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Irina's vision

Find out more about Irina’s vision in the following 6-minute interview with Irina Naithani and Audrey Kaiser (currently only available in German):

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As a member of 1% For The Planet, at least one percent of our annual revenues are donated to organizations working to regenerate our forests and oceans.
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We love our clients & co-creative partners!

fachwerk e.V. is a network of self-employed women entrepreneurs and committed women from Langenfeld/Rhineland and the surrounding area. For our cooperation, it seemed fundamentally important to us to learn communicative tools for the direct, open and appreciative dealings with each other that allow us to deal well with each other even and especially in conflict situations and to find constructive solutions together. Irina accompanied us with her offer of a 6-week Female Empowerment Journey. By this we have found an entry point to more connection with our own needs and at the same time strengthened empathy for each other. And we have begun to express and apply all this, and we also are already noticing lasting effects in our interaction with each other. Irina as a trainer and coach impressed us above all with her sympathetic, competent and open manner. With a lot of sensitivity and many practical examples and methods, she led us through the contents in a wonderful and very structured way. The material provided is still proving extremely helpful now. Overall, we were really thrilled with how well Irina exceeded our requirements. We thank her very much for this inspiring journey and are already looking forward to continue on this path!

Jana Stachowiak
Chairwoman Fachwerk e.V.

In cooperation with the New Order Design Academy, Irina designed and carried out a 12-week Conscious Leadership Journey. The open program on conscious (self-) leadership is aimed at managers and designers who want to develop a new leadership mindset. The participants from Berlin, Wiesbaden and New York, among others, appreciated the intensive exchange and the numerous inspirations to gain new challenges on their own leadership and to transform them. The cooperation with Irina is a lot of fun; she works professionally and inspires with her mission "transforming life from the inside out". We look forward to many more joint co-creations!

Svenja Bickert-Appleby
CEO New Order Design

Irina was my collaboration partner in a conscious leadership project, which we developed, organized and facilitated together, online and offline. It benefited a group of about 15 people from very different backgrounds, during about 5 months. I can say without hesitation that Irina was a dream partner for me, as I found her extremely easy to work with. Always conscientious and reliable, she is also very flexible and creative. She brought in her content expertise, facilitation skills and technical knowledge, as well as her amazing big picture view. What is more, with her joyful nature, she brought in an energy of beauty and love - which carried us all, every time we met with the group. This beautiful energy is still the backbone of a spin-off project – a conscious leadership circle – which emerged from the first project. I truly enjoy working with her, and look forward to new joint projects in the future. If you would like to experience flowing collaboration yourself, just reach out to her!

Julia Jürgens
Former Head of Leadership Development Metro AG

Manche Menschen wandern den ganzen Jakobsweg, um (wieder) zu sich zu finden. Ich bin auf eine Conscious Leadership Journey mit Irina gegangen. Dabei hatte ich nicht erwartet, so viel Klarheit für mich zu gewinnen. Und das in so kurzer Zeit! Mit Irinas erfrischendem Wesen, ihrem punktgenauen Gespür für die richtigen Impulse und ihrem großen Kompetenzschatz hat sie es geschafft, ein Leuchtfeuer zu entzünden. Und dies mit einer Leichtigkeit und Freude, die begeistert und motiviert.   Die vermittelten Instrumente und Techniken konnten direkt innerhalb der Gruppenübungen praktisch vertieft werden. Und die Umsetzung und Etablierung im regulären Alltag gelingt hervorragend und schafft täglich wertvolle, positive Impulse.    Dank Irina und dem vermittelten Wissen um das „Why“ wurde mein eigener Kompass nachhaltig neu ausgerichtet.

Friedo Stellfeldt

Es war eine Reise, die nachhaltig Wirkung zeigt. Die kompetente, offene und wertschätzende Art von Irina hat nicht nur dazu geführt, dass es einfach Spaß gemacht hat, sich mit dem Thema Conscious Leadership zu beschäftigen, sondern auch, dass ein sehr vertrauensvoller und empathischer Austausch der Teilnehmer untereinander entstehen konnte. Gerade durch die verschiedenen Reflexionsübungen der Teilnehmer im Austausch miteinander konnte die Theorie direkt praktisch geübt werden. So entwickelten sich immer wieder neue Impulse, die man direkt in seinem Alltag ausprobieren und anwenden kann. Und dadurch entstehen neue Schritte.

Christina Borgmann
Head of Marketing & Communication

Irina has the unique ability get to the essence very quickly. In only one session she helped me distill and reflect upon my core themes and talents, and, together, we came up with a pointed purpose statement that has helped me thrive both in my career and personal life ever since. She combines personal depth and an analytical mind with joy and ease what makes it really pleasant and effective to work with her.

Katharina Beck
Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestags, finanzpolitische Sprecherin der Grünen Bundestagsfraktion, Autorin

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